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Lemon and raisin frugal recipes cheesecakeIn the ’90s when ever I thought of frugal recipes I turned my attention to my copy of  How to Feed Your Family for £5 a Day written by the incredibly talented and innovative cook Bernadine Lawrence.  Bernadine’s book was updated in 2012 and imho is the best frugal food cookery book out there. Now that we have the internet  every one has access to lots of frugal recipes and frugal foodie sites, but I would still highly recommend you buy a copy of Bernadine’s book.

I always wanted to try out the baked cheesecake recipe which has a filling made from sweetened mashed potato, lemon and sultanas but for one reason or another I never got around to it. Well what better day to bake some thing new from my favourite frugal recipes book than a miserable grey Sunday? Having explained to my children that I was making a “fake bake” cheesecake using mashed potato and being met by looks that suggested care in an institution might be on the cards I set to work. My daughter decided to join so an hour or so later the fake bake was ready. So far three of my children have sampled the cheesecake and all declared it a resounding success. I must confess I’ve already happily munched my way through more than one slice and am having to restrain myself from sampling some more!