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Free vouchers for playing bingo at lets you earn free vouchers for playing bingo. I’ve played at Woohoo for some time now and managed to earn a fair few free vouchers so I’m happy to recommend it to you.  It is totally free to sign up at the site and you play bingo with free points that are provided daily. There are various ways to increase the number of points you have to play with such as completing challenges and participating in chat games. The site is easy to navigate and if you need any assistance there are plenty of friendly chat moderators to help you out. Most of the players are happy to chat too.

You play with free points to earn various coloured stars which you can exchange for vouchers or free gifts. The vouchers I always save my gold stars up for are £20 Amazon vouchers as these come in handy for my love of purchasing second hand books. You could save your Amazon vouchers to put towards Christmas or birthday presents too. Lets face it there is plenty of choice at Amazon. Love2Shop free vouchers are also available for playing bingo at Woohoo along with chocolate, sweet and champagne hampers so there is plenty to choose from.

Racking up enough gold stars to exchange for vouchers or gifts can take some time, but there are ways to maximize your chances of winning more gold stars. Every evening there are jackpot games in certain rooms so for example you can earn 100 gold stars at 7pm, up to 50k point at 8pm and 150 gold stars at 9pm. If you are already online at that time it isn’t much effort to log in to the site for the chance of winning free vouchers for playing bingo. Who said frugal living couldn’t be fun too?