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UK Cashback

I’m a big fan of UK Cashback sites and as you can see from the screenshot above at my favourite cashback site Quidco I am well on my way to achieving £1000 in cash back. Cashback sites work by paying you back a proportion of the money you spend online with different merchants. The money is paid direct in to your bank account at regular intervals. You can even set the level at which you wish to get paid say once your cash back reaches £10 or £20. Some merchants will pay you back in cash more than the value of the item you have purchased to try to attract you to their sites.

The disadvantage of all UK cashback sites is that you must order goods by clicking on links at their sites to track your purchase and in some instances the tracking software does not work so you will not get paid. Cashback may also be declined by the merchant for a number of reasons so please be mindful that you will not always get your cashback as advertised.  However, if you have shopped around and already made the decision to make an online purchase checking a  UK Cashback site before you proceed with your purchase doesn’t cost you anything and will usually result in cash back you wouldn’t otherwise have had so you haven’t got anything to lose.

I love Quidco