Ebay selling to raise funds – balls for beds

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ebay selling - Debbie Bliss wool for beds

I am trying to raise some money to buy beds so am resorting to Ebay selling to fund this. I have had a clear out of wool that I will probably never get around to using so at the moment it’s trying to sell balls of wool to provide the cash for bed frames. This weekend Ebay is offering free listing to private sellers so I am hoping to have a clear out and get some more items listed today. My camera is not the most reliable and I don’t own a fancy mobile capable of taking decent images so it is a bit hit and miss as to what the photos end up looking like.

Apart from Ebay selling I have been busy this week mystery shopping  and have added Frugal Living Mum to Facebook & Twitter. I’ve also been cooking with the £1 for 500g steak mince from Westin Gourmet which has gone done well with the troops. If you missed out on Westin Gourmet’s steak mince offer make sure you keep checking their site for more weekly specials.

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