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Getting free samples is always satisfying. Yesterday I went to the dentist’s which is never a cause for celebration in my book, even when it’s only for a check up but I did manage to get some free toothpaste samples whilst I was there. I am taking three of the children for a check up this week so I’ll be sure to get some more free samples then. The secret to bagging a few free samples is not being shy – if you don’t ask you don’t get!!
free samples from the dentist

There are a lot of online resources dedicated to letting you know about all the latest free samples. Large companies give away free samples hoping that you like their products and go on to purchase their products on a regular basis. This week as well as mystery shopping I have found out I have been accepted on to two new consumer test panels. Being accepted on to consumer test panels means you are typically given free products before they are launched to test and give your feedback to the companies concerned. In the past I have done this for a large cosmetics company but I am now trying to target  consumer test panels for groceries so I can make my money stretch a bit further on the household food shopping bill.

Places to find free samples

  • Student Cash – not just for students – freebies, price glitches & reduced price items
  • Magic Freebies – free stuff from solar panels to product samples
  • Hot UK Deals – hot deals, free samples & UK competitions
  • Facebook – a hunt around Facebook can be profitable. Just by liking a producer you are often able to request a free sample.

If you know of other sites dedicated to bringing you links to free samples please feel free to add them as comments.


Free vouchers for playing bingo at lets you earn free vouchers for playing bingo. I’ve played at Woohoo for some time now and managed to earn a fair few free vouchers so I’m happy to recommend it to you.  It is totally free to sign up at the site and you play bingo with free points that are provided daily. There are various ways to increase the number of points you have to play with such as completing challenges and participating in chat games. The site is easy to navigate and if you need any assistance there are plenty of friendly chat moderators to help you out. Most of the players are happy to chat too.

You play with free points to earn various coloured stars which you can exchange for vouchers or free gifts. The vouchers I always save my gold stars up for are £20 Amazon vouchers as these come in handy for my love of purchasing second hand books. You could save your Amazon vouchers to put towards Christmas or birthday presents too. Lets face it there is plenty of choice at Amazon. Love2Shop free vouchers are also available for playing bingo at Woohoo along with chocolate, sweet and champagne hampers so there is plenty to choose from.

Racking up enough gold stars to exchange for vouchers or gifts can take some time, but there are ways to maximize your chances of winning more gold stars. Every evening there are jackpot games in certain rooms so for example you can earn 100 gold stars at 7pm, up to 50k point at 8pm and 150 gold stars at 9pm. If you are already online at that time it isn’t much effort to log in to the site for the chance of winning free vouchers for playing bingo. Who said frugal living couldn’t be fun too?

Want free cinema tickets?

free cinema tickets uk I am not a film buff, but if you offer me free cinema tickets and it’s a film I think would be interesting to watch I’m going to accept. A lot of people don’t seem to realise that you can get free cinema tickets, although you are limited to 2 free tickets for each account registered at See Film First. If a group of you wanted to go see the same film I guess there is nothing stopping all of you registering at See Film First.

The advantage of these freebie film tickets is that not only are they 100% free, but you also get to see films before they are on general release nationally. This Sunday morning  I took my daughter to see The Big Wedding at the Odeon Sheffield. As usual it was fairly quiet at the cinema with less than half the seats full, so there are obviously a lot of free cinema tickets still available for these events.