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Online surveys for cash

As well as being a mystery shopper, getting to enjoy going out for free lunches and staying at hotels for free I also make money by participating in online surveys for cash. In the past I have been sceptical about this method of generating some extra money. My experience of survey sites has until recently been poor. Either I didn’t receive any surveys to complete at all or the surveys I was asked to complete took ages and offered very little financial reward. I am pleased to say that I have now found a legit online surveys site I am happy to recommend!!

Legit Online Surveys for Cash Site

One of the issues with sites that want you to take part in market research is how do you know they are legit? You are giving a lot of your personal information to these sites so you want to know they are not a scam, right? I would strongly recommend before you sign up to any market research sites that you check for feedback online and look at sites like Survey Police so you get an objective view of whether the site is worthy of your time.

By doing your own background research you will find out how often you are likely to be asked to complete surveys and how quickly you can generate any income. Viewsbank has a minimum pay out of  £6 via Paypal and the online surveys you will be asked to take part in will typically take you less than 2 minutes to finish. I managed to make £47.55 within 7 days which was paid promptly in to my Paypal account by completing online surveys and referring other people to their site.

Should you wish to participate in online surveys for cash I would strongly recommend you give Viewsbank a try. Viewsbank is a new and growing site allowing you to take part in online surveys for cash and I am sure it will continue to offer even more opportunities to generate cash in the future. Click on the link below and get involved!!

Take part in online surveys for cash now!!